Experiential Workshop

Awakening Your Soul Connection to Animals and Nature


Sep 6-8, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Animals and nature have the power to transform our lives.
Step into the world of animal wisdom - they have much to teach us about returning to our wholeness. We have forgotten our interconnectedness with the non-human world that is our birthright. We will dive into this realm from both a science and a soul perspective.

In a natural setting you will expand your perception, and directly experience the seemingly magical connection between you and the non-human world. You will align with the consciousness in which animals and nature exist that is beyond our everyday five sensory world.

-Let the animals reawaken your abilities to be a channel for love consciousness, healing, and intuitive connection.
-Establish and deepen reciprocal relationships with companion animals and the beings we meet in nature.
-Learn what the trees, the birds and the nature spirits want to share with us.
-You will learn what the latest science data is showing us about the resonant field in which we all co-mingle, and about the “unexplained powers of animals.”
-Expand your intuitive abilities and communication skills to connect with animals in this world and also those who have moved beyond this life.
-Learn and experience how animals utilize the power of love consciousness to offer and receive healing.
-Connect soul to soul beyond the five sensory experience.
-Deepen your connection through meditation and simple mindfulness techniques.
- Integrate what you learn into daily life, and into transforming our world.

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