Online Workshop

Reawakening Our Spiritual Relationship

with Nature and Animals

A four-part intensive on fostering a deeper spiritual relationship with the natural world: enlivening our souls – healing our hearts – magnifying our personal and collective transformation. Led by five luminary teachers, authors, scientists and animal advocates.

Four 90 minute interactive classes

Q&A with our hosts

Recordings of each session emailed to you

Class Portal with all course materials

Connect with fellow seekers, healers, teachers and activists

Day 1, Oct. 24

Susan B Eirich All Life is Calling for Connection & Help

Day 2, Oct. 28

Rupert Sheldrake Science and Spiritual Practices

Day 3, Nov. 7

Michael J Tamura Finding Soul in the Animal World

Day 4, Nov. 14

James O'Dea Inner Space and Evolving Consciousness

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