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OMTimes Interviews Dr Linda Bender

“In so many cases we do not know how or why animals have such amazing intuitive powers, but we have shown scientifically that they do. In Animal Wisdom I have an entire chapter offering examples of animals astonishing “unexplained powers,” and the scientific data to prove it.”
~ Linda Bender OMTimes June B 2014 Edition


Soul Love Founder Dirk Terpstra Interviews Dr Linda Bender

“We as humans have stripped the soul and the life force from the animals that we use for our food source. Pigs are not called pigs anymore but they are called units. So how could it be other than all life is soul. When we strip nature of what we think is unnecessary or unessential we’re destroying ourselves.”
~ Linda Bender Soul Love September 23, 2014


Spirituality & Health

“Radical? Sure. But so are Bender’s avowals that animals communicate telepathically with each other and us before and after death, that they are ‘meditating all the time,’ that they collectively lament human loneliness and that they are unafraid to die because they ‘abide in a threefold trust-trust in themselves, trust in the world, and trust in the Source’ (aka God). If anyone’s in a position to preach-in the best sense of that word-about animals, it’s this impassioned, vegetarian healer and activist whose globe-spanning career spent amid endangered and domesticated species spurs viewpoints that many open-minded animal lovers will find not just plausible but validating and downright electrifying. “
~ Anneli Rufus July/August 2014 issue


Spirit of Change Magazine

“‘Every animal knows more than you do.’ This Native American proverb resonates soundly throughout Animal Wisdom, veterinarian and animal activist Linda Bender’s marvelous look at what animals teach us and how they share wisdom with the world.”
~ Gail Lord


Retailing Insight Magazine

“Animal lovers and eco-activists will love this one… while the book is filled with heartwarming stories about animals’ interactions with the human species, it is also a powerful treatise on the reciprocal spiritual bond between humans and animals.”


Shelf Awareness

Animal Wisdom is neither merely a fervent plea nor a strident diatribe. Bender presents a variety of lessons on how we can learn from animals, devoting a chapter to each. Examples include how to accept and recognize unconditional love, how to trust ourselves and the world and how to accept suffering and mortality. After the convincing and compassionate lessons, Bender provides a list of concrete, manageable steps we can take toward reestablishing our connection with the natural world–from refusing to use plastic bags and packaging to using fewer pesticides and herbicides. Bender believes the destiny of humankind is inextricably linked with all species and depends on our ability to “renegotiate our relationship with Mother Nature.” Animal Wisdom is a fine tool for this renegotiation.”
~ Kristen Galles



“What we do for animals, we do for ourselves. Bender, a veterinarian and animal advocate, discusses this central tenet of her personal philosophy in a work that is basically one of unconditional love. When we love animals and fully understand them, their innate happiness and connection with the world will make us happier. In seven chapters, Bender explores these beliefs, writing of the connections animals make with each other and how we humans can connect with them. Stories of pets that find their way to their humans hundreds of miles distant, or of therapy animals that calm psychiatric patients, illustrate her theme that animals have souls (the Latin anima, meaning “soul,” is the root of the word animal) and that our souls and theirs can communicate. Her final chapters provide guidelines for how to connect with animals intuitively in an extrasensory or telepathic capacity, which she believes that everyone is able to do.”
~ Nancy Bent