Advocating for Animals Around the Globe

For the Love of Elephants: Why I Am Marching on October 4

Huffington Post, October 3rd, 2014: Because elephants along with other untamed animals are now suffering from many of the same struggles we face, such as dealing with damage to the environment, and stress, they are exhibiting the same physical symptoms.


Animals don’t know exactly what will happen when they die any more than we do

Elephant Journal, Sep 19th, 2014: In the absence of specific knowledge, they simply trust. They trust death the way they trust life: as participation in the Source. What will happen when they die must be okay because what is happening now is okay.


What We Do to Animals We Do to Ourselves

The Life Connection, September, 2014 cover article: Prior to the Industrial Revolution, humane and human were just two different spellings of the same word. To be humane in the Humane Society–sense meant the same thing as being human. It’s probably no accident that we began to need a separate word to describe the compassionate treatment of animals around the time we invented the sweatshop.


12 Simple Things You Can Do NOW to Protect Animals!

Positively Postitive, June 20th, 2014: Animals remind us that all beings who walk, stand, swim, crawl, or fly are radiant, mysterious, and unique expressions of the Source. Every species, every culture has its own genius. Our human “species-specific genius” — our ability to protect and serve nature and the other beings with whom we share this world is desperately needed now. To see a problem and fix it utilizing our individual gifts that are alive in “the eye of your heart” is what the human heart aches to do.